Thanks to innovative technology and the high-value retention of our products, customers turn to our solution for mobile toilets, camping area and homes every day.





Our Story

The need for high-quality, accurate parts which are easily installed and maintained led our company to develop plastic one-piece products for plumbing. Our first custom-designed product was developed in 2017. Today, we are one of the leading manufacturers of plastic one-piece plumbing products.

Our mission is to provide the customer with a functional high-quality plastic one-piece product. By maintaining an open inventory, we can ensure fast delivery and a manufacturer product warranty.

Our Founder

Agris Dimza is the founder of the company AGANDE. With 25 years’ experience in international trade and 20 years of experience in the manufacturing business, his goal was to create functional, easy-to-use, qualitative and affordable products for various industries.

Noticing an unfilled niche in the segment of plastic plumbing, the company started producing one-piece plastic products and is currently one of the largest manufacturers of plastic products form plumbing.

Agris and his team continue to research the market in order to find solutions with functional plastic products for other industries as well.

Our products